Lifelong Learning House of Learning creates a framework for interdisciplinary learning with individual target setting even beyond traditional class-level boundaries. The learning is goal oriented and is made transparent and visible. The House of Learning builds gradually higher with the new mastered areas

Oppimisen matka

In the House of Learning every student is seen as unique and special. Each student builds their own meaningful learning path, making visible their learning and progress. The student’s own interests and their unique of strengths play a central role. The House of Learning helps the student to structure the goals defined by the curriculum and to progress in learning the skills of learning and thinking.

Extensive Learning Skills

The most important element of the House of Learning is its ground floor, which has the extensive learning skills (L1-L7), that constitutes the foundation of learning. The House of Learning is entered through its “I am good” – door. The “I am good” door’s task is to support the student’s positive learning identity. Extensive learning skills accumulate as a natural part of all learning and are the basis of all the future learnings.

Continuous learning and individual learning path

The Learning in the House of Learning is seen as a lifelong continuum. At this moment, the House has floors from the pre-school to the ninth grade. However, the House does not limit the target setting for a specific class level only, but allows for setting and managing goals individually for each student. Learning can, therefore, also be unbound to traditional class level targets.

The continuous learning tracking in the House of Learning enables viewing and evaluating the learning progress based on different dimensions, such as on different educational themes (like literacy) over the years, or on individual learning objectives. A student can store relevant material related to her own learning progress, along her learning path. This helps to perceive learning itself and its progress, and help the Student to find the most appropriate ways to learn.

Target rooms

The House of Learning contains discipline-specific “target rooms”. These target rooms aggregate the goals of the curriculum for that discipline as a clear and easily understandable whole. In the House of Learning, the student sets his own goals that maps to the national criteria of average skills. The student self-assessment is stored in a clear visual form, which makes it easy for the student to plan and track his own learning.

Multidisciplinary Learning Modules

The central corridor of the House of Learning, contains special spaces for Multidisciplinary Learning Modules (MLM:s). The targets for the MLM:s are collected from the disciplinary centric target rooms.