Testimonials about the House of Learning

House of Learning is innovative and provides teachers with tools to continuous and motivating learning results evaluation

Anneli Rautiainen

Head of school education

Student participation in goal setting and performance evaluation is essential and increases learning motivation

Mirja Pere


The learning targets are clearly expressed with House of Learning

Hanna Yli-Ollila

Mother of a school student

The House of Learning enables to make early observations of the Student and to provide possibly needed special support in a timely manner

Pentti Seinijoki

Special Education Teacher, Vice Principal

The House of Learning made it easier to deploy the new curriculum into the everyday life. Stress on taking horizontal objectives was considerably reduced. Learning became a more communal process – I would no longer teach without the House of Learning

Pia Nyberg


The House of Learning reduces stress in the studies and helps me to understand my learning process

Iida Alanen

Student at junior high school, 15y